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Dasha (13)
Project - Dasha

The first time I saw Dasha, she was wearing one of her best outfits and as soon as she spotted the camera she smiled. It wasn’t easy to find a common language with her. I constantly had the impression she thought I might do her harm. In the beginning she deliberately avoided me, huddling up toward her mother. I tried not to push the child and gradually Dasha became accustomed to me. At the time she was feeling better and better, despite the latest course of chemotherapy, after which she was supposed to be operated on to remove primary tumours. Based on research and analysis, doctors were optimistic. However, during the operation, it became clear that it would not be possible to save the child. All her internal organs were covered with small metastasis, which were impossible to remove. The verdict given to Dasha’s mother Katya was: “nobody can save your daughter”.
Katya decided to tell her daughter that the operation had been a success and that all would be well. The last time I saw Dasha was when I took them to the train station. There were heading for the only Children’s Hospice in St Petersburg (it was March 2014).
Dasha passed away 15 March 2014, a few days later she was buried next to her grandfather.


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Project - Older people

How Older People Spend Their Free Time In Moscow?
When people in Russia start to get pension money, about 180 euro per month, they suddenly realize that they have a lot of free time. Most of them, being optimistic, see this as an opportunity to do things they love.


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Project - #selfiettes

– I’m tired, it is hard for me.
– Well, you do nothing, just watching over the baby! – I heard once from one of my friends in response to my complaints.
Well, he is right in some way – I don’t have to wake up early 5 times a week and rush to the other side of Moscow in a metro carriage packed like a box of sardines. To sit in a traffic jam listening to those iPod tracks over and over again. I don’t have to deal with office tasks and follow management orders. I stay at home and yes, I do nothing! What a pleasure! Maybe I’m just tired from boredom and swampy nothingness. I’m having a parental leave.
My days all look the same, like twin brothers and sisters. I get to know the fact that a weekend has started from seeing my husband in a daytime and not only at waking up and going back to sleep in the evening.


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Project - PND (postnatal depression)

Loneliness, constant anxiety, fear for the child, loss of interest for life, ideas about self-destruction, despondency and irritability are signs of PND (postnatal depression). At the same time the woman feels guilty in front of the child which makes her think of herself as a bad mother. According to statistics, between 5 and 7 out of every 10 women suffer from some level of depression after giving birth. Most mothers are afraid to admit to themselves, let alone to other people that their child is a source of unpleasant emotional stress. If a woman can’t manage her new condition and isn’t getting the support she needs from people close to her, it’s highly probable that the burdensome condition will worsen and last for months, even years. The mother’s state is passed on to her baby. Instead of warmth and tenderness, he or she receives from the person closest a sense of alarm, uncertainty and sorrow. Researchers emphasise that a mother’s depression can cause problems with the child, beginning with development, sleep patterns, behaviour and even leading to certain mental disorders, in particular a tendency towards depression. These children are more troubled, lonely, less sure of their mother’s love and therefore of themselves.


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Project - Katya and Nikita

A few years ago, two days before Katya was due to give birth, she was told she would have a son with Down Syndrome. Immediately after the birth, doctors were insistent that she should leave her child at the maternity ward. Katya didn’t agree. She found support in her parents and among close friends. That is how the long journey in the battle for life and health for Nikita began. Nikita is six now, he has Down Syndrome and polycystic lung disease. In the past he had patent ductus arteriosus, a diaphragmatic hernia and benign growth in pleural cavities. He has undergone a total of 5 operations, 30 general anaesthetics, 21 days on life support with AL (artificial lung ventilation) and a year and a half of tracheostomy. On top of that he can’t chew and hasn’t been able to walk since he was four.


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My family (27)
Project - My family
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Project - Mom at work

Where can a mom work with a small child?

For are mother of 3-year-old child to find a job is unrealistic...

Mothers of sickly children, what job can we do??

Where can I work with 2, 3 ... children? - is often asked online questions from women with children.

In the traditional patriarchal society it's considered a rule that the man is the head of the family and has to provide for the family while the woman cares for the family hearth and children. A lot of women really dream about meeting a man who would take responsibility both for her and her children. But real life is different as families break up or never get created in the first places, the husband doesn't earn enough to provide for his family or, and that's a more frequent situation nowadays, the woman feels the need for self-fulfillment not only in motherhood but in creativity. It's an advantage when the mother can be substituted in the family by grandmothers, other relatives or babysitter. A kindergarten providing care up to seven p.m. can be also helpful. However, it's more frequent when the woman has to juggle family and work/ hobby.
My project is about women, who, due to various reasons, have to work or do things they like in the presence of their children. For some of them it's more than just a hobby, and the financial income isn't that important because for them it's a way to survive. I tried to show the range of professions where a woman can work in the presence of her children. As I myself don't have an opportunity to leave my child with anybody while I work, I take her everywhere with me. My youngest daugher Vasilisa appears in all the photos.


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One shot (23)
One shot
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Children (13)
Reportage - Children

Children with special needs on a walk in one of the children's boarding schools in Moscow, Russia


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Reportage - Whisky tasting
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Reportage - Victory over the Sun

A reconstruction of the legendary avant-garde opera “Victory over the Sun” (libretto by Alexei Kruchenykh, music by Mikhail Matyushin, art design by Kazimir Malevich), produced by the Stas Namin Theater in 2014


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